Cocktail Menu



Grand Canal - £9.50


A delicious mix of Aperol, Gin*, Grapefruit and Lemon. Venetian style!

Hot Passion- £9.50


Fruity and Spicy. Our homemade Chilli Vodka and Passionfruit.

Cucumber Sour - £9.50


Cucumber, Hendricks gin & Midori with citrus juice, sugar and egg white.

Crack Daddy - £11.50


Russian Standard*, Chambord and Passion Fruit juice topped with Champagne.

Sours - £9.50


Your choice of house spirit*, sugar syrup, fresh citrus juice & egg white.

Dark ’n’ Stormy - £9.50


Captain Morgan* Dark Rum, ginger beer and fresh limes.





Cosmopolitan - £9.50


Russian Standard*, Cointreau, cranberry juice & fresh limes.

Classic Margarita - £9.50


Tequila and triple sec shaken with fresh limes.

Negroni - £9.50


Gordon’s gin,Campari & Martini Rosso.

Bloody Mary - £9.50


Russian Standard*vodka served with our own special tomato juice recipe.

Old-Fashioned - £10.00


Our house Bourbon whisky*, with brown sugar, cherry & fresh orange.

Caipirinha or Caipiroska or Caipiríssima - £9.50


Cachaça or Vodka or Rum, freshly crushed limes and sugar.

Mojito - £9.50


Havana club 3 years gold rum*, crushed limes, sugar, plenty of fresh mint.

Daiquiri - £9.50


Bacardi white Rum, fresh lime & sugar cane syrup.

Mai Tai - £9.50


Classic yet elegant. White & dark rum, orgeat and fresh lime.

Manhattan - £9.50


Sweet, Dry or Perfect. Ours made with Canadian Club whisky*.





Aperol Spritz - £9.50


Aperol, Prosecco Di Valdobbiadene, fresh orange & a splash of soda.

Bellini - £9.50


Peach puree, peach liqueur and Prosecco Di Valdobbiadene.

Champagne Cocktail - £12.00


Elegantly strengthened with Hennessy VS cognac & Angostura bitters.





Gin (Gordons*) or Vodka(Smirnoff Red*)? - £9.50

Dry, wet, dirty? Olives or Twist ?


Espresso Martini - £9.50


Premium coffee Musetti, Russian Standard* vodka, Kahlua & sugar syrup.

Breakfast Martini - £9.50


Gordons Gin*, Lemon, Cointreau and Marmalade. Good Morning!



Alcohol Free Cocktails: - £4.50


Apple & Ginger Smash


A non-alcoholic mojito with fresh mint, apple juice, lime and ginger beer.


Safe Sex On The Beach


Mix of Tropical juices laced with grenadine.


The Mici


Lychee  juice, elderflower cordial and fresh limes topped with soda water.


Alcoholic Coffees: - £7.50


Hot Toddy


Whiskey or Brandy, honey, fresh lemon with hot water.


Irish Coffee


Ours with Jameson whiskey.



Beer & Cider:


London Pride (Premium Ale) 33cl. Alc. 4.7% - £4.00


Bernstein Amber lager (Bavarian Lager) 0.5l. Alc. 5% - £6.25


Steph Weis (Bavarian White Beer) 0.5l. Alc. 5% - £6.25


Sol (Light Lager) 33cl. Alc. 4.5% - £4.00


Estrella (Barcelona cervecay) 33cl. Alc. 4.6% - £4.00


Guinness 33cl. Alc. 4.2% - £4.00


Becks Blue (non alcoholic) 27.5cl. - £3.00


Aspall Cider 0.5l. Alc. 5.5% - £6.00







*Or ask for our range of premium spirits to upgrade your cocktail. (Extra costs apply).